Antonio Serrano (purple kilt) - St. Andrews, Scotland (UK)
Antonio Serrano (purple kilt) – St. Andrews, Scotland (UK)

The VAASL Diverse Book Award is a Not-for-Profit book awards program for books published by independent and established authors. It is being established to recognize and honor the most exceptionally published diverse books for PreK-12 youth, for the year, and is presented by the Virginia Association for School Librarians (VAASL) in cooperation with the We Need Diverse Books grassroots campaign.

A diversity logistics team selected by the founding chair will manage the growth of the committee as it develops into full juried status. It is our hope that the diversity logistics team can eventually form a state Round Table to discuss and promote the diversity issues and stay abreast of research in general on diversity issues with publishing and youth representation in books.

The juried committee serves a term of 2 years, composed of ten members:

  1.  one chairperson (selected by the previous term’s committee w/automatic membership on diversity round table),
  2. one representative from each VAASL region  (total of persons) selected by the current chair,
  3. one representative from higher education, and
  4. the chair of the previous term committee.

All committee members are members of VAASL. The first juried placements will select one picture book winner and a combined fiction and nonfiction Top 10 list of books published between within the last three years.

The book award is the brain child of Potomac Region’s Schenell Agee,  school librarian and library supervisor of Prince William County Public Schools.  For additional information, contact us at the email address below:


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